About Us

We are a young, dedicated team around Claudia Schildknecht.

Claudia is a tattoo artist, photographer, start-up founder and environmental activist. In the first place, however, she is a doer.

During a photographic project on silk production in Switzerland, Claudia came up with the idea of a tattoo cream that is sustainably produced and based on vegan silk proteins. As a tattoo artist herself, Claudia knows how important it is to take good care of the healing process of freshly inked tattoos.

Together with a strong / motivated team of experts, the experienced tattoo artist puts her vision into practice. The result is a sustainable skin care product that is based on vegan silk proteins and natural ingredients and promises your tattoo the best care. The aim of taking responsibility for nature and society was the focus of the product development from SILC Tattoo After Care – from the choice of ingredients to the production and the packaging.