SILC Tattoo After Care

Tattoos are forever. That is why only the best care is good enough. SILC Tattoo Cream soothes the skin after tattooing and cares for your tattoo with a fine protective film. Your tattoo benefits from natural ingredients.
  • SILC is the essence of our tattoo care. The silk protein protects your skin with a natural film that covers your tattoo.
  • Shea butter is rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E, beta-carotene, linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids moisturize your skin and stimulate skin regeneration.
  • Aloe vera has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin that has been irritated through tattooing.
  • Coconut oil and sunflower oil take care of your tattoo and protect against skin irritation.
  • Marigold Essence has a calming, cleansing and healing effect.

Our SILC Tattoo Cream is made in Switzerland with great attention to detail and filled in cans made from recyclable aluminum. With each product sold, we donate CHF 0.50 to our partner BOS Switzerland at the end of each month.


After approximately two hours after tattooing, remove the protective foil cover, which your tattoo artist has attached to your fresh ink. To remove residues of color and blood, use a washcloth or paper that does not fluff to dab your tattooed skin carefully with lukewarm water and pH-neutral soap. Then air dry your tattoo and apply a thin layer of SILC Tattoo After Care. The cream now forms a protective film over your skin that supports the healing of your tattoo.

Within the next ten days, apply SILC Tattoo After Care at least three times a day on your tattoo. Depending on your skin type, the number of days and the frequency of application may vary. You will notice yourself once your tattoo does no longer need extra care.

After tattooing, you can shower anytime, but you should only use mild soap and avoid saltwater, swimming or bathing, as well as the exposure of your tattoo to the sun. Try to avoid tight or heavy clothing on your tattooed skin. If a piece of clothing sticks to your tattoo, then carefully remove the fabric under lukewarm water and apply SILC Tattoo Cream again.